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"It's a labor of love. It's very rewarding. We recycle something that's part of American History and I
like that."










Custom Barnwood Furniture and Millwork


We ship anywhere in the U.S.A.

Our Shop Crew

Bob Staab
Photo: Chris Ramirez

The Story of After The Barn

I have always had a love of wood, starting when I was a small child summering with my grandparents in the Catskills. I spent all my time in the barn. I built my first treehouse at age five and have been hooked on wood ever since. I began working in construction as a teenager and continued in the construction and millwork business for many years.


robby cutting


After The Barn is the culmination of my many years of working with wood. It is a labor of love to dismantle the old barns and turn the wood into unique and beautiful furniture. We recycle almost every part of the barn. Knowing that a 200-year-old barn will not die in a landfill is a reward in itself. We also reclaim the siding, beams, flooring and unique hardware.


We are a family business. My son, Robby, is a second generation woodworker. He started by climbing the rafters in barns when he was five years old. He oversees our barn removals and wood reclaiming. He also helps out in the shop. He recently became a father, so we are hoping for another generation of woodworkers.

felix waxing


Felix is the guy who runs our shop and makes the furniture. His love of old wood started at a young age in his father's woodworking shop.


Ever since, he has been fashioning furniture using the highest quality joinery and time honored traditions to create unique pieces. A customer commented after seeing Felix working, "You are not just craftsmen, you are artistic craftsmen."


Look around at the samples of our millwork and barnwood furniture for sale. Please call us for information on availability of individual pieces.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to our website,


Bob Staab


After The Barn